Telehealth Resources at BCM

Telehealth is an increasingly important tool in the practice of medicine and will be a prominent part of the clinical response to the COVID-19 emergency. The Baylor College of Medicine Office of Continuing Professional Development has assembled a number of resources to help providers and administrators at BCM and elsewhere begin implementing telehealth care in their practices.


Primer on Telemedicine Series

This series of six short training videos provides the learner with an overview of telemedicine in the United States, including best practices, legal and compliance guidelines, and tips for workflow and patient satisfaction. It is recommended for all providers with limited or no experience in telemedicine and who are considering conducting telemedicine encounters.

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Telehealth and COVID-19

Baylor College of Medicine is providing telehealth options, including video visits and phone encounters, for its providers to use during the COVID-19 emergency. An updated list of resources for BCM providers, including telehealth options, may be found here.

Note: Available to BCM employees only

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Sample: Draft Telehealth Protocol Resource Template for Policies and Procedures

A successful telehealth program is more than just technology. A robust code of guidelines will help providers deliver satisfying and effective care, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and maximize clinician efficiency. This sample protocol resource template is intended to assist providers and complements and supplements the ICC documents that provide faculty and staff guidance. 

Note: Available to BCM employees only

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Regulatory Resources


Guidance from CMS on the 1135 waiver

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has released new guidance regarding the expansion of permitted telehealth services under the 1135 waiver. The Fact Sheet linked here explains these changes and how this will affect the implementation and practice of telehealth programs.

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Telehealth FAQs from CMS

Recent legislative and regulatory actions have significantly impacted the tools and circumstances in which telehealth is available to Medicare patients and their providers. Learn more about these changes in this FAQ document released by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.